Whether you are a budding organization or a discerning multinational company, hCapital understands your challenges and provides you with the most suited and productive resources. At every milestone in your journey, hCapital will stand by you as a companion; we satisfy your changing requirements through our customized Permanent Recruitment solutions across the various industry verticals.

hCapital has a sophisticated selection process for permanent Recruitment, through which the right candidate is selected for your organization. Whether it’s a senior level, mid level or entry level positions, each candidate recruited through hCapital goes through extensive intelligence and technical assessment to ensure quality and distinction to our clients. hCapital takes pride in moulding its selection procedures in accordance with the clients’ because we take the pains to understand your organization, apart from the job description, to get the right talent to fit into your organization. Apart from the resumes, we provide our clients with our assessments of the interviews conducted by us for the short listed candidates. This helps you to understand the candidate before inviting them for the interview and also increases the conversion rate.

Specialized consultants
hCapital employs and nurtures specialized consultants who have deep understanding of your business. This helps both our candidates and our clients – not only do the consultants understand the market and its geography but they are also trained in technical disciplines. This encourages quality business discussions with our clients so that we “get it right – first time, every time“.

The hCapital Consultant meets with HR and management to assess your recruiting requirements. We'll work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment then analyze the key skills, knowledge and behaviors required for each job family within your organization. When you need to hire permanent staff, your hCapital Consultant will send you a short-list of the best candidates.

Why engage with hCapital? What is the payoff?
The cost of a vacant position, a bad hire, or even a mediocre hire, is substantial. Just compare the value of your top performers to your poorer performers and you can see how quickly an investment in superior recruiting methods pays off.

What managers need most is better talent and that is what hCapital offers. We provide you best in class recruitment services that extend your own HR department and save you the cost of building up an overly expensive recruitment function.

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