Contract Staffing and Payroll Outsourcing is an increasing popular way of managing your headcount in a competitive and globalised business environment. Our contract staffing and payroll outsourcing services will ease your headcount constraints as your contract staff will not appear in your payroll. This is particularly suitable if your company has to add additional headcount for a short period of time, or on project basis, but you do not wish to hire or unable to hire more staff on a permanent basis on your payroll. We shall be responsible for salary and payroll matters of the contract staff and thus relieving your HR staff of the mundane and tedious tasks of managing payrolls.

Our services would include but not limited to:

  1. Maintenance of payroll and personal file for each contract staff
  2. Disbursements of monthly salary including payslip / advice
  3. Payments of appropriate PF contributions and other statutory requirements
  4. Administration of appropriate insurance policies such as hospitalization and medical insurance policies
  5. Administration of medical and annual leave applications
  6. Processing and administration of overtime, medical claims etc
  7. Headcount summary and reporting
  8. Submissions/reporting of annual income tax

Where can hCapital help?
hCapital has expertise in providing temporary solutions on a project base, for short-term assignments, long-term assignments, and payroll.

Project-based temporary staffing
When you have specialized projects, which are different from your core operations activities, it will not be wise to hire specialists on permanent contracts and to release them after the project finishes. In cases like this, hCapital is your right partner.
We have the a proven track record of helping businesses like yours develop project-based staffing strategies and secure the most highly-qualified employees. With our extensive resources and expert recruitment solutions, we can connect you with the people you need to overcome your unique challenges and make your business more successful.

Short term temporary assignments
Staffing is one of the largest cost components of operations. Your bottom line depends on your ability to manage labor costs effectively. What happens when you face peaks in operations work, such as unplanned orders, tight deadlines and seasonal demand? The companies that overstaff with full-time employees to address peaks in operations will be operating at reduced efficiency when workloads return to normal, resulting in higher labor costs, increased costs per unit and lower profits.
If you need employees for short term production or other operations assignments, hCapital is your right partner.

Long-term temporary assignments
Do you have projects that are not utilizing the core competencies of your company and are expected to last longer? Do you need to decrease headcount to meet company objectives? Do you have a hiring freeze, but still need additional resources to do high quality work? Are you not certain as to how long would you be present in a particular industry?
If you answered “Yes” on at least one of the questions above, long-term temporary assignments are the solution to your hassles. hCapital can help you fulfill your long term temporary manpower requirement.

To inquire more about our Contract Staffing services, please CONTACT US