Automotive industry is going through a phase of continuous shift. Emerging markets are offering growth. Volatility of oil prices and sudden events leading to fluctuations in exchange rates are putting pressure on OEMs to locate production facilities closer to markets and this trend is fueling intense competition. Cost pressures are unequally affecting local and international players but the difference is converging as growing markets become concentrated.

For the past 5 years, hCapital has specialized in providing executive search & executive recruiting solutions across 20 unique industries, including one of the most competitive fields in the world: the automobile industry. Our automotive executive search recruiting specialists are adept at identifying and sourcing talent in every aspect of the automotive industry, including automobile development, automobile manufacturing, and automobile marketing and sales.

Why hCapital?
Building the perfect executive team is mission-critical to the success of your company. Due to the highly competitive nature of the automotive industry, automotive corporations in particular thrive under the leadership of qualified executives trained to handle the high demands of their position. However, top tier automotive executives are often employed elsewhere or by a competitor, and designing a competitive hiring package can be difficult. At hCapital, our experience and international business connections within the automotive search recruiting industry enable us to not only identify and evaluate premiere talent but attract leading automotive executives as well.

hCapital executive search recruiters excel at building automotive dream teams. By tapping into our global network of automotive hiring specialists, hCapital will recruit key industry talent to fill crucial positions within your management or leadership team.

Our Forte

  • Engineering and R&D;
  • Project and Workshop Management
  • Plant Management
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Site Engineering
  • Production
  • Safety Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service & Parts
  • Logistics
  • Store Management